Spoken Word: Is There More? (Video)

I wrote this spoken word piece during my time at G42. It addressed the question that has gotten me to where I am today and continues to push me into the destiny that God has for my life, “Is there more?” IT sums up my testimony in the best way possible.

I hope it challenges you and refreshes your definition of what it means to live a Christian life

Special thanks to Wes Vickers for the filming/editing and Michael Sanders for the sound. These guys continually push me into new creativity!


(Written Words Below)

I used to ask…Is there more?

Is there more to this life than I can see? Than the messages on my TV or PC telling me who I need to be?

More than bending till I break cause I was bending just to make, good looks, good grades, good friends…or at least good enough to make people think.

Is there more than living day to day, weekend to weekend Growing up to go to school to go to work, to retire to say the part I played was not leaving any bills for my kids to pay?

Is there more than the Uncertainty of life after death? Than trying to right my own wrongs walking around with the weight of my sin on my chest?

There was more…it was Jesus

I found Truth with a capitol T And freedom that finally came for free A love that loved me first when only hate was birthed inside naturally

I found mercy that forgave and grace that gave me more gifts than I could ever need So I gave it my all.

I studied, read, all to know more about him

I prayed prayers, sang songs, went on retreats to get closer to him

I preached, debated, befriended, even traveled the world to reach other people for him

But I was still asking…Is there more?

More than reading stories of Jesus and trying to measure up my life to his?

More than a list of do’s and don’ts, rights and wrongs?

More than filling up on Sunday so I could pour out till Saturday..if it was a good week.

Is there more to my relationship with God than obedience?

More to my prayers than asking What to do? Where to go? Or can you forgive me, help me, bless me or just doing something for me!?!

Maybe he wants to talk about something else.

Maybe faith doesn’t come by reading the Word of God but by listening to his voice?

Is there More than the certainty of life after death?

More to the gospel than the fact that we all end up in a heavenly place? Except for the ones with the other fate who didn’t understand the good news until it was too late?

Did He really just come to save the world and take us home, or did he come to transform, redeem, renew people’s eyes to see what His Father in Heaven was doing?

I asked because I was starting to get sick…

You see the feeling I got from singing songs didn’t last long

And neither did the food that I put in the orphans’ tongue

Or the houses that I’ve built for the widowed ones

Or the times I admitted I was wrong just to walk away and do the same thing the next day …it didn’t stick!

Because life wasn’t quite abundant And my yoke wasn’t quite light

It didn’t feel like living God was living inside Or that other’s could really see his image from the outside

If I already had victory why was there so much defeat?

Why did “Go and sin no more” seem more like a challenge than a reality?

There is more…

You see the commandments written on stones might as well have been thrown because they stoned me till I was gone anyways.

And nothing brought me back that was put inside my head until words were written on my heart that showed me the worst thing in life wasn’t being wrong but being dead.

Because Jesus came to tell me who I am, not just what to do out with the old and in with the new

I’m a son of a Father who holds me not a servant of a God that could scold me if I didn’t repent There’s more than thinking consequentially.

So I’m not going to wait… While Hell has it’s day and try to explain away that the world looks like it does because it’s all part of “the plan”

Is it really God’s plan for the world to go to Hell in a hand basket while his people group together hoping to be rescued that’s not a church that’s a Casket.

That’s why I started to ask if it’s normal to walk around with our heads down and anticipate the day when Christ comes through the clouds and his feet hit the ground and then I’ll get my crown…but what about now?

The truth is we only deserve what we tolerate You see my crown’s already on my head and Christ’s feet hit the ground when he walked out of the grave and rose from the dead.

I’m not waiting for “what no eye has seen” or for what “he has in store” because it’s already been revealed

I’m not waiting for more gifts to be given or for more of the Spirit to be poured, because I have what I need and my spirit’s been sealed.

Over the years going from laughing to crying, hands raised in the air and head bowed to the floor.

I’ve come to this conclusion:

That God is the one who is waiting asking me “Is there more?”


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