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Hey Guys,

The last three years have been amazing with God providing the resources to do what he has called me to do through the support of friends, family, and even strangers. As you know, a lot of work in the God’s Kingdom happens because of the simple fact that people invest financially too see it grow. It is a privilege for me to give others the opportunity to join in the work that I am doing in Spain and around Europe to change the world.

Click Here is the link for donating to my account through G42.

(All donations are tax deductible as G42 is a Non-Profit Organization)

One Time Instructions

1. Go to the tab that says”Donation to Other G42 Ministry”

2. Click on the tab that says “One Time Donation”

3. Go to the 4th one down that says “G42 Ministry or Missionary”

4. Go through Payment Process

Monthly Instructions


1.Go to the tab that says”Donation to Other G42 Ministry”

2. Go to the tab “Reoccurring Donation”

3.Go down to the second line where is says “Send an ongoing gift to a G42 ministry or missionary”.

4. Click on the tab for the desired amount monthly and then write “Allan Boehm” in the blank for name under the tab.

5. Go through Payment Process


I value personal relationships with my supporters as much as possible so don’t be afraid to ask me questions about my ministry and vision because I’m always happy to share!

Pleas email at:


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