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If you don’t already know me or my story, here it is in a quick summary. Where should I start….blog pic about me

Ok so I was born a raised in Nashville TN…no that’s too specific…and boring…and normal..let’s see…how did I get here?

I remember during my freshman year at UT I attended the Passion Conference in Atlanta. I was in the overflow room (which still had over 3,000 people) and we were all singing praises at the top of our lungs. It was some song that was like “God the whole world is singing your praise!” or something like that. And I was like, “Yea! That’s right God we’re doing it!” all emotional and stuff. And then I remember God stopped and said, “Allan, why are you singing this…the whole world isn’t singing my praise right now!” I looked around to see if anyone else was hearing it too but it didn’t look like it. So my life has been a real roller coaster these last years. While is was in college at the University of Tennessee studying Religious Studies God started to work on my heart in some cools ways. I thought I knew a lot about God or at least about the “theology” about God but I also had (and continue to have) a dissatisfaction in my heart about something more, even though I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

Really since then I haven’t been the same. Only now am I seeing some of the fruit that has come as a result of what God told me over 6 years ago.

After I graduated, I knew I wanted to travel and see what God was up to around the world so I went on the World Race which would take awhile to explain so you should probably just GO HERE and read more of my stories. I spent almost 3 years serving with Adventures in Missions leading trips and helping organize events which was an incredible blessing that shaped who I am today.

While I was on the Race, God began to speak to me about worship and Europe. Those 2 words were about the extent of what he spoke to me so after I got through leading the Race this last year I took my opportunity and headed over to Europe to see what was brewing.

What I found was not a dead, hardened, post Christian society like so many people had told me, but people who either loved God and wanted more from him for their country or people who hated the Church and what it had done but would probably really like God if they got to know him. That lead me to working in London this past summer with Burn 24/7 over the olympics and now has lead me to Malaga, Spain where I am presently finishing up my time at G42 and will be investing in the community on the Costa del Sol seeing God’s name lifted up here in Spain, Europe, and around the world through prayer, worship, and telling the good news of a great God!

I have had incredible friends and parents along the way that have encouraged me and followed me into some pretty crazy stuff all knowing that God loves us doing crazy things loves it more when we do them together!

On a more personal note I also like:

Penguins, facial hair, playing guitar, scuba diving, dill pickle potato chips, reading books…sometimes, traveling, and I’m sure a lot of other things I can’t remember now.


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