Why the Heck Am I Buying a Van?

About last year this time I had this idea.

Blog PhotoIt was a simple and even kind of ridiculous one at that.

I thought “How cool would it be to take a van full of worshippers across Europe to encourage our family, bless the church, and pioneer to new places. I’ve always felt that to share the love and hope we have in Christ and that we experience in worship should be a pretty simple thing and many times we end up over complicating it.

This last year I have been building more and more relationships with people all over Europe with Burn 24/7 and it’s my desire to see all of these leaders connected, encouraged and working together internationally as God moves in this continent.

Once I started to put the word out last winter I found out that a lot of people had this same type of vision and I was so encouraged by the response I got. Originally, I had named this venture “The Wagonacle” representing the fact that we travel with the presence of God that’s able to change lives only instead of in a Tabernacle it’s in a Wagon….unfortunately this name was short lived as it’s not the most cross culturally understandable or marketable branding. Although it still carries the same spirit, the new and much improved name is BURN WAGON EUROPE!

We already had some friends in the states doing a similar Burn Wagon with the Burn 24/7 family and they have been so helpful and encouraging through this process and it is a privilege to share their name and legacy!

So here it is! This May 15-June 7 a team and I will be driving through Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, and France connecting with Burn leaders and the local church, and igniting the fire in so many people’s heart who don’t even know it yet! We’ll be doing anything from worship nights, to living room prayer gatherings, to festival volunteering, to outreach, to construction work, to teaching at a Bible school and so much more as we push the limits on what it looks like to see worship and missions walk hand in hand!

After much dreaming, planning, and praying the dates have been set, the locations are finalized, the van is nearly full, we are already to go except for the fact that…….WE STILL NEED A VAN!

Why am I buying a van?

Now I’ve cut things close before and I always enjoy God showing up last minute so I’m looking forward to it happening again, but after searching out different options such as borrowing one (not every church has a church van here) or renting (which was over 1/2 the price of buying) there hasn’t seemed to be anything that’s come through. So now I’m in the process of looking to buy a van! Now I knew that I would eventually need some better transportation here in Spain but honestly I was just thinking about a scooter or something. But the more I think about it I’m excited about how a van will not only make the Burn Wagon happen, but will also benefit my ministry here in Spain as it will allow me to travel more freely through the region and even into Morocco which I’m looking forward to!

How much will it cost?

I have found a few vans that I’m interested in and the price will be between €3,000-€4,000 since I need one with 8 seats and one that won’t immediately breakdown on me! While I have some of the finances to cover this it will be extremely helpful if people are able to come around this project and support it financially.

When will I buy it?

Burn Wagon Europe launches May 15 so I would like to purchase it within the next 2 weeks to give it some time for the paper work/ export license plate and other logistics. I will have my residency by next week so that will help if I need to buy in Spain but I’m also looking at options in Germany and Holland.

How can you help?

I usually reserve my blog for telling stories and not asking for financial support but I feel like this is something I need to update everyone in and allow them to tai part of. If you are interested in donating you can click the “Support Me” link at the top left of the page for tax deductible donations or you can gee through my PayPal account at aboehm88@gmail.com Please alert me if you decide to give to so I can make sure the money goes in the right place.

I’m really looking forward to the stories that will come from this and the people that will be changed forever from something as simple as a van! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. For more up to date info here is the link to our Facebook page: Burn Wagon Europe

Love you guys!




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