The Question

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Got to lead worship at Searchlight, a conference for Racers coming off the field. It’s good to see what God has put in their hearts, and great to see them put it into action.

So if there is one question I am used to people asking me it’s this one…

“What are you planning to do next?”

I’ll have to admit it’s a pretty logical question, and many times the reason I’ve cringed a bit when people ask is based on a mixture of feeling overwhelmed and afraid.

Overwhelmed because I feel like I’ve seen so many things in so many different places recently where God could use me, all the while so much is happening in my heart that’s nearly impossible to explain in words.

Afraid because answering the question and making plans actually takes a big risk and step of faith. It means staying in one spot (or so) and committing to see things through whether good or bad. There is not an easy out or an exit strategy.

Both of these feelings are good to an extent. In fact, going through this process has exposed a lot false expectations and broken through a bit of romanticism I have built up in regards to the Christian life and mission work.

I think one of the biggest misconceptions I have seen in missions is that traveling abroad doesn’t necessarily mean adventure, and that stepping out of the ordinary doesn’t always mean taking a step of faith. These last few years have been incredible and I have experienced things I never thought I would experience and reach people I never though I would reach, and the best part is God has always been proud of what I am doing all the while being just as jealous for me because He knows there is so much more in store.

It seems when I think about the future now, good is no longer an option because the possibility of great has come into the picture. Reaching my generation is good, changing the way my grandchildren live is great. Giving out food is good, building up an economy is great, worship services are good, sending missionaries out who catch God’s heart is great. Do you get the picture? It’s not a question of good or bad but good or great.This is how I’ve been thinking lately!

This begs another question…”How do we do great?”

One of the things our generation excels in is realizing the need for change in this world or in the church and having the passion to back it up. It is nearly impossible to to be involved with contemporary Christian culture and not be aware of what’s going on that’s helping the world or what needs to happen to change it. Awareness doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore. I don’t really need (or want) another person to tell me what things need to be changed in the American church, or how many children are starving in Africa, or how many women are trafficked every year.  I’m starting to see in my own life that I’ve been aware for awhile but it only goes so far. Awareness is good but I crave great, and I think what I’m craving is commitment.

Honestly, it is so easy to get caught up in mission trips, discipleship schools, training programs, internships etc. just to turn around a few years later and find yourself asking…

“What have I been doing and what am I doing next?”

Again I’m not saying any of these things are bad. I’ve done all of them and have no regrets about any of it. I’m just saying they are good and great is still waiting. They all seem to be a means to an end instead of being the end we would like to see. Necessary but not complete, substance but not sustainable, out pouring not overflowing.

I think this is why God has brought me to Spain especially down south in Malaga. I have a heart for what God wants to do here and he is giving me more vision everyday to see it happen. I will explain more later but for now I want answer the question.

What am I planning to do next?

I’m planning on putting my feet down and seeing something happen. Planning on seeing something built and seeing a city and culture changed. I’m planning on seeing some great things happen and not settling for the good.

Does this scare me?

Of course…but only because God has to show up in some incredible way, but in my experience that’s a pretty good place to be.


7 thoughts on “The Question

  1. This is great Allan. It totally scares the bu-gee-bess out of me!!! But like you said, It is a good place to be. I’m also craving for great!

  2. Love you brother. You are a great creation. God’s Holy Spirit in you is an incredible power. That combo makes for something incredibly great! Stay focused on Him, and not what you can do for Him. Stay close to Him. And then go out and be the wild man you are!!!

    You’re loved brother!

    Also, this was the most religious thing I’ve ever written. Whhhaaaaaaaaaaat?

  3. Beautiful! You’re beautiful, these words are beautiful! Beautiful, so beautiful!! Love you so very much brother! Go see Kingdom brought! Glad I get to be apart of it, even if it is now just reading your updates (I’m okay with that…I’ve got my own feet to plant!)

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