Why I’m More Patriotic Since Leaving My Country

“For this is what America is all about. It is the uncrossed desert and the unclimbed ridge. It is the star that is not reached and the harvest sleeping in the unplowed ground. Is world gone? We say ‘Farewell.’ Is a new world coming? We welcome it-and we will bend it to the hopes of man. -Lyndon B. Johnson

I remember 2 years ago stepping foot in the UK. If you’ve read some of my previous blogs you know the story. I didn’t know anyone, didn’t have any plans, and had no real idea what I was doing with my life. When I was at David’s Tent 2012 (the first year) a Scottish man came up and started praying for me. One of the things he prayed for was that I would begin to walk in more of the “American Anointing”.

A picture from 2 years ago when I spent July 4th in London…Ok maybe a little over zealous on what God was revealing to me about America at the time but it was actually quite rewarding to be back in the nation where a lot of our foundations originated.

A picture from 2 years ago when I spent July 4th in London…Ok maybe a little over zealous on what God was revealing to me about America at the time but it was actually quite rewarding to be back in the nation where a lot of our foundations originated.

Now this sounded a bit weird I’ll be honest. I had already spent 1 1/2 years outside of the US and didn’t really have any intention to go back. On the mission field the atmosphere surrounding “America” is a strange mix between people who think all of the US is like a Hollywood movie, Africans who love Barak Obama because he’s somewhat black, and ex pats or missionaries who are running from “the American Dream” and trying to find an alternative lifestyle.

I hadn’t ever considered myself that much of a patriotic person, but I’d never really had any strong feeling against the US either. My father and grandfather were in the Air Force (and I would serve if my country was in need), I exercised my right to vote (if the absentee ballet would make it on time) and I loved the freedoms and opportunities I’ve had growing up in my country. But this wasn’t quite enough for me to elevate the USA that far above other countries especially because I was beginning to see that many other nations had the same freedoms and sometimes more benefits both economically and socially and I was also beginning to see how much ethnocentrism most Americans had abroad and at home as I continued to travel.

Needless to say America’s great but “American Anointing”?  I might could do without. But like many other strange prayers and prophecies I just took it to God.

Slowly but surely God began to teach me what that Scot was talking about. I realized that I had never been in to politics, and felt quite uneducated/ up-to-date on current issues because I had usually viewed America as either a political, economical, or wannabe Religious system, all of which didn’t feel strong enough for me to hang my patriotic hat on. God took things a bit deeper and began to show me that America wasn’t really about capitalism, Democracy, Separation of Church and State, education or other hot issues. The root under all of these things, the thing that makes America America is really the pioneer spirit.

Yes the American anointing is “The Pioneer Spirit”.

That’s what he was praying over me. And this made sense. I’ve always had a hard time believing our country was founded on Christian principles as some gift of God to the world when in fact some of our forefathers were a product of the Age of Enlightenment  and were Deists or Intellectualists. I’m not taking away form the fact that some Christians did found our country, I just think a part of the God in our constitution was included either because of convenience or in an effort to have an all powerful Deity back up the convictions of their heart (which were usually great Christian-like convictions).

God started reminding me that their was a reason American was first to the moon, why we invented most of the things we use daily, why you could go to the darkest corners of the world and still hear Brittany Spears playing or watch some less than decent Vin Diesel movie . There is a reason why we’re a leader on foreign aid funding and military/defense spending, why we always have our noses in other countries business, why feel the need to promote our freedom and democracy. There is a reason why we want to carry guns around unnecessarily, why we want the biggest and newest, why our trucks could traverse Patagonia when they rarely make it off the interstate.

The reason has nothing to do with being Republican/Democrat, capitalist/socialist, spender/saver, right/wrong, or even freedom. It has to do with the fact that from it’s early roots of revolution or rebellion (depending on which side of the pond you looking) and even earlier roots of Native American inhabitance. America has been a space for the pioneer and a physical manifestation of something greater, more, and unknown that God has put inside of the heart of man.

Once I realized this it changed everything. I looked up to see myself surrounded by so many Americans who were holding on to this truth away from home hoping to change the world and step out where others wouldn’t. Go to places and sacrifice things that other nations would never think about because it would be uncomfortable or could only dream about because they didn’t have the resources.

I suddenly felt more American for following my heart and my dreams outside of the country than less of one for not contributing inside of it. I even found out that “dreaming” itself was more of an American installation than an innate human characteristic!

I firmly believe that God gave America a “Pioneer Anointing” and we have had the choice to use it for the world’s benefit or harm. We have chosen both in the past and I believe we can choose more benefit in the future. I also believe that God has done this for all other nations. The UK has an anointing of reigning and establishing kingdom, Norway has one of Adventure, and Spain has one of unbridled passion and independence just to name a few. In fact, if a country isn’t doing well I think it has just as much to do with their anointing (God’s purpose for them) being attacked or manipulated than anything else.


If you are ashamed to be an American, I’m sorry, because you are missing out on God’s intended purpose and favor over your nation. Please reconsider why you’re ashamed and ask if that is really what it means to be an American. 

If you are proud to be an American but it’s only based on a political or economical construct I urge you to go deeper. Ask your self “If these constructs were to crumble would America cease to exist? Or is there something deeper?”

If you are a nominal American, nonchalant about patriotism like I was, trust that there is more, and the fact that God placed you in this country has a significant spiritual connotation not just a locational one.

Patriotism is a serious a thing. It hurts my heart when I hear people speak words death over their nation without hope that things can change or with a sick hope that things have to fall and be destroyed before God moves. America has by no means been perfectly just in the past and God’s blessings are always abused by those who don’t understand his character. All of life is centered around a relationship with our Creator and patriotism is no different. It breeds loyalty, love, sacrifice and always calls other nations into what God has intended for them. It is an important part of the Kingdom of heaven coming to earth.



(Disclaimer: I don’t believe you have to leave the states or even travel to understand this idea. It’s just as important to work inwardly and locally in America that outside of it. I just think that my perspective and story can shed some light what it means to be patriotic and help encourage others to grab hold of it regardless of their lifestyle) 


6 thoughts on “Why I’m More Patriotic Since Leaving My Country

  1. I enjoyed this Allan. I will be pondering this statement of yours a bit: “I even found out that “dreaming” itself was more of an American installation than a innate human characteristic!”

  2. Wow, this was really interesting to me. I think I’ve usually considered myself in your old shoes, but maybe a bit less patriotic (because I don’t think I would join the military if they needed me to). Anyway this is a different perspective than i have heard before and it really made me think. Thanks Allan!

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