Burn Wagon Update: Scandinavia


A shot on the ferry from Germany to Denmark towards the end of my 36 hours drive from Spain to Copenhagen.

It’s been a little over the halfway point of our trip and I feel like it’s about time for an update!

These last 2 weeks have been some of the craziest I’ve experienced in awhile. Even though I didn’t have that much planned we have been blessed with so many opportunities to invest that we have been going pretty non stop.

I did the math last night and since I left Spain I’ve only slept about 2 more hours per day than I’ve driven but I love it!

I know it sounds simple but the most incredible things about this journey is that whatever we ask God to do he does it and whatever we feel like he wants us to do we step out and try it and it’s worked.

I actually haven’t ever experienced such easy mission/church work. The team God has put together has been incredible and we have had the same heart and spirit the entire time.


Some of my team painting the inside of the house that we were able to work at and have worship

Ever since Copenhagen we have felt like family everywhere we’ve went. We’ve been given food and beds at homes, given authority to speak at churches, and given shovels and paintbrushes to work!

We spent the first 4 days outside of Gothenburg, Sweden staying at a house that was used for worship prayer and conferences but had suffered a fire about a year ago. We worked during the days cleaning up the property and renovating the inside and then the last night we were able to have the first time of worship there since the fire.

There is a theme that we saw throughout Sweden where some of the church Fathers of the earlier Pentecostal movements are turning and joining the Catholic church. While there was a lot of confusion as to why this was happening, I couldn’t help but think that it was because people were just getting bored with how they saw God and how they saw the church and this change could be the answer.


What a beautiful family in Sweden, we had such an incredible time with these guys, such great musicians too!

Even though this is a bit sad, I’m still very encouraged because throughout Denmark, Sweden and Norway I saw more worshippers dancing around and excited about God than I have anywhere else.
Our last night in Sweden we travelled into Gothenburg and spent time with a home church of people who were also involved in a band called “Jerusalem”, the first Christian  hard rock band in Europe. We again felt like family and got to experience the Father’s heart from a real father of the faith, Ulf Christiansson and his son Philip. Blessing our family and encouraging the church body outside of Burn 24/7 has been one of our main focuses and we got to do this here…so good to share the same heart!


A shot of the van as we stopped for lunch on our way to Kristiansand, Norway with the snow capped mountains in the background

Once we arrived in Hamar, Norway the next day, we got to lead a time with a lot of the youth from different churches. Leading times of worship in large settings, especially with  youth groups, isn’t something that I’ve done a lot of so I’ll be honest it was a little intimidating, but once again we just synced up to what God wanted to do and did it. It was so great to see the atmosphere of the room change from the expectancy of a “worship performance” to everyone getting involved and participating in the Spirit. Thorough the night there were so many youth that caught on to the joy of the Spirit in worship and that grabbed a since of adventure that God wanted to give them and their future plans. It was a real blessing to be able to inspire these kids with our tour to look a bit past the “norm” when it comes living life and growing up.


During lunch our friend’s dad pulled out the accordion…enough said

We ended our time in Norway down south in Kristiansand where we got to have another crazy worship time. I’m so sure that God has some incredible plans for that city and that the people we got to worship with are right in the middle of it all. We got to bed late that night and I woke up early the next morning to catch the ferry back over to Denmark. When pulled back the curtains un my room I saw one of the most beautiful sunrises I had ever seen as it was coming in over the harbor. Then it hit me that this trip  was one of the worst best ideas I had ever had because I was going to the most beautiful places in the world and seeing the most incredible people only to have to drive away in less than 12 hours…so glorious though! It just means there are a lot more relationships to build and a lot more trips to be taken!

I got the VW up to 90mph on the Autobahn as we came into Hamburg, Germany last night! We are heading to Berlin today and will be in Germany until we head to Geneva, Switzerland on Monday.

I really feel like our trip is changing themes a bit and I’m excited about going out a bit more outside the church and stepping out to see what worship looks like in different environments. Thanks you guys for your continued support and here are some things you can be praying for as we go:

Team Unity: We have just dropped some people off and will be picking up new people in Berlin

More Adventure: Stepping out more into what God wants to do and not fall into patterns as we travel to different environments

The Small Stuff: Logistics, van health, and relationships have been incredible so far…I haven’t even had to show my passport yet!

Personal Health: We’ve had a crazy schedule and there has been so much change and travel so pray for continued health.




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