David’s Tent: 3 Reasons it Just Gets Better

Heaven Says Thank You

At the end of the event they asked the leadership team to come up on stage and be honored. As Melissa Helser was praying over us she said “it is one thing for men to say thank you, but this time Heaven says thank you”….nuff said

So I know it’s been a week since David’s Tent ended, but I’m finally getting to a place where I can somewhat explain what actually happened, but after a weekend of 72 hours of worship and 14 hours of sleep I think some recovery time is understandable. You’re lucky I didn’t try to write a blog last week because I think it would have just looked like random spiritual jargon and I might have even resulted to drawing strange pictures in an attempt to express what words couldn’t.

Anyways, David’s Tent was once again incredible. With nearly 3,000 people in attendance (3 times the size last year) coming from all over Europe just to spend time in worship together. There were salvations, restored relationships, new freedoms found, new identities discovered and so much more. In the aftermath such an epic event you really have to wonder, “where do we go from here?” This is something that myself, the leadership team, and pretty much everyone who attended the festival this year has been asking. The cool thing is that people aren’t really asking it in regards to David’s Tent, they’re asking it because they know God is doing something in the UK and throughout Europe that they want to continue.

Everyone is picking up on the fact that just going for spiritual highs or attending festivals or conferences that fill you up until you have poured out and need another one just isn’t enough. After all, I didn’t really just come to the UK to organize a successful festival, that would have been a lot easier and I would have left back for Spain a week ago. I came because I can see the big picture of what God is doing throughout the nations and it is impossible not to join in. I could talk about this for awhile but without further ado… here are some reasons I feel like everything just keeps getting better with David’s Tent from here on!

1. Not for Consumers

There is a real lack of consumerism at David’s Tent and I’m not so much talking about the economy as I am our attitude when approaching the Father. So often when Christians gather it is to gain as much as they can, knowledge, skills, programs, good worship ministry or whatever it might be. And while this isn’t always bad, people with this attitude who come to David’s Tent quickly feel awkward or bored because it isn’t what David’s Tent is about. It is all about coming without an agenda to be with the Father who loves us without an agenda and it’s incredible to see the change in people’s perspective during the festival as they learn the difference between being a consumer of God and being consumed by God.


A pic from the breakout session with all my 24/3 musicians. Some of the guest artists we invited from the States got to share and encourage a bit.

2. It’s all about Family

Out of all the feedback I got this year from my musicians, the one that I heard the most was “thank you for making me feel loved like family”. And while you might think that is a given to any Christian event, it was surprising how much we had to prioritize it so that it didn’t fall to the side. The beautiful thing about family is that comparison, offense, pride, performance, and so much other sin sometimes surrounds the worship culture can’t hide. People gladly changed sets to meet other’s needs and weren’t offended when something was different than they were told it was going to be. After the event a lot of people asked me if I was sad that it was over. My answer was overwhelmingly “No!” and it wasn’t because I wanted to sleep, it was because I knew the family that we had created was never meant for an event but for everyday life and for changing a nation. I’ve never felt more confident that the best is yet to come!

3. It’s not a UK Thing

(I want to preface this by a disclaimer that this is not an official David’s Tent message, it’s just my heart) I love what I have been involved in in the UK this summer, but even before I started working with David’s Tent I knew that it was never meant to stay in one country. It has actually been quite difficult to nail down a vision for a festival like this and I have gone back and forth. Is it just a time of worship? a time of fellowship? a resting place for God’s presence? Honestly, I didn’t feel right about anything until a friend shared a vision she had with me of a huge tent covering a big beating heart and everyone who came in was connected to it. I guess this makes sense considering that David was a man after God’s own heart and it also makes sense that his heart is for every nation to know him. If this is the mandate of David’s Tent we won’t be able to stop it from spreading to other places.

I probably could have kept on with a few more reasons but I felt like these are the most pressing on my heart.

Right now I’m finishing up visiting the Burn 24/7 family in here in the UK as me and my friend Prathap from Burn India have been touring around visiting the London, Romford, Norwich, and Durham Burns this last week until I head back home to Spain (yea I said that) this Monday night.

God has been expanding my vision recently and has been putting amazing people around me to see some incredible stuff happen and crazy dreams come true so I’m excited to share more about this so stay tuned.

As always thank you so much for your prayers and support joining me in this journey. Almost everyday I’m hit with a moment where I question why God is allowing me to do such incredible things for his kingdom and I know it is because I have such an incredible family behind me praying and preparing the way for me.


7 thoughts on “David’s Tent: 3 Reasons it Just Gets Better

  1. I’m in awe to see the leader you have grown into. What a mandate God has had on your life all along. I’m blessed to have been under your shepherding for a year of my life and proud to be part of those praying for all He has set before you. Love you Al!

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  3. Hey Allan it was really a blessing to know you bro and spending few days with you was really a privilege and learnt really a lot just by your humble heart and just want to say I Love you and you are really man of God ::)

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  5. Reblogged this on ElectedLadyKeepingitReal and commented:
    As Allan says “It Just gets Better!!” I could give you more reasons coz I can talk for England (your cue to laugh…) but I’ll let Allan give you 3 reasons why David’s Tent and life as a believer just ” Gets Better…!”

    Keeping it real as always! Peace!
    The Elected Lady xx

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